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Date: November 24th 1916
D.F. Henry
Thomas Court

Corp. Thomas K. Court writes. (FROM ENGLAND)

Corp. Thomas K. Court, who, as reported by us last week, is laid up with trench fever, writes to Mr. D.F. Henry from V.A.D Hospital, Church Stretton, Shropshire, England, as follows:

I suppose you will think that I have forgotten you but I have been moving around so much lately that I have net been getting my mail very regularly. You will see by the above address that I had the good luck to get back to England or what we call 'Blighty' and I can tell you that we appreciate it, after nearly a year out in France and Belgium.
The position we were in when I first went out there was not too bad, nor when we were in front of Ypres, but when we moved down to the Somme, we were kept on the jump all the time. But there was one good thing we had a good chance of getting back at Fritz and paying off a few old scores.

The hospital that we are in here is fine. It is run by the St. John's Ambulance Society and all the work is done by volunteers, doctors and nurses, too, and they are all fine people and do everything they can to make us comfortable. Also the people of the village are very good to us and invite us out to teas at every opportunity and send all kinds of good things to the hospital. It is only a small place near the border of North Wales and like Cobourg well patronized by tourists and well-to-do residents in the summertime. I happened to see 'DODE' when we were coming out of the Somme on the 15th of September and he was looking well. I was sent over here with what they call trench fever. My legs gave out and I could not use them for some time. The pain in them was fierce, but I am feeling better now, so I do not expect to be in the hospital long. However, to tell the truth I am not in a bit of a hurry to go back to France, especially in the winter, as the rain and wind there are awful. I must close now, hoping to hear from you soon.
Yours truly,
412352 Corp. Thos. K. Court, 21st Canadians.