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Date: May 21st 1918
Harry Anthony Evans



Sergt H.A. Evans interred in Holland with the British prisoners of war, writes to his sister, Mrs. R. Clayton, William Street, Cobourg from SCHEVENINGEN Holland, as follows:

My Dear Sister. Brother and kiddies:
This is absolutely heaven after being caged up behind the barbed wire for three and a half years. No one can realize what freedom is unless they have experienced this. Thank God at last, I am back to civilization once again and I think in a couple of months I shall recuperate that which I have lost as here we are surrounded by the sea - what one might call an ideal health resort. Everyone here seems so kind and at times I feel as though I want to cry after the barbarous treatment in Germany.

However, I do not wish to bore you with any details concerning that place. I am afraid the geographical situation is too unfavorable to permit my wife paying me a visit, but probably some arrangements might be made later. We must believe in the Old proverb, 'Wait and See.' It is really hard times having not yet seen my dear little son but I suppose I must content myself with' the fortunes of war. One cannot afford to grumble these times; it could have been far worse (What say you?)

Scheveningen is a magnificent place. We received a great reception from the Holland people. They are doing everything in their power to make us comfortable and happy. One cannot express in words the amount they are doing for us.

It is really a novelty to see the Queen of Holland driving about with a carriage and pair of horses and sometimes with a four-in-hand. The fisher-women and girls are very peculiarly dressed in old ancient style. By the way I must thank you for your letter, which I received just before leaving Germany. I sincerely hope everything turns out successful, please let me know when you get this. I sent you a post card previous to this but it is quite possible you might only get it when this arrives, as we cannot rely on the convoys.

Well, Alice, I am wondering what has happened in the case of B------. I suppose that everyone has got to do his bit. According to the papers we intend to continue this war until the Hun is absolutely crushed. I think I have said enough for this time, so will now close. With all kind thoughts, lots of love and kisses for the kiddies.
Your affectionate brother,