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Date: February 2nd 1917
Dr. Garland
Reverend John Garbutt

Rev. John Garbutt Writes.

The Rev, John Garbutt, a former pastor of the Methodist Church here and now chaplain of the 116th Battalion, writes to Dr, Garland from Whitley Camp, Surrey, England. Jan, 8th, as follows:

We are getting ready for France. Our Battalion is going over as a unit which is a very unusual thing and a great compliment to our Battalion and men and officers. We have a splendid lot of men. In fact as fine a lot of picked men, physically fit, as one could see anywhere. We have already sent over nearly 800 men, of which 500 were from our county. We had 121 County Ontario men left. Then we have received drafts from the Peel Battalion, Middlesex Battalion, Simcoe Battalion and the 169th Battalion of Toronto, in all about 1100. Then we began weeding out with the result we have a battalion of very fit men. I do not know when we shall go over but fancy sometime soon. The boys seem very anxious, to get away, after a year or more of training. The boys desire a change and I am sure they will give a good account of themselves.
Kindest regards to all and wishing all a Happy New Year,
Yours sincerely,