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Date: February 23rd 1917
Reverend James Daley
Merwin Greer

Letter From Merwin Greer.

The following is one of the many letters received by the Rev. James T. Daley, in acknowledgement of Christmas letters and parcels from the congregational Church.

Somewhere in France, December 27th, 1916.

Dear Mr. Daley:
It was with great pleasure that I received your own personal letter, also the letter from the friends of the church bringing to me the kind Christmas greetings from all. I also received my Christmas parcel from the ladies of the church. Will write to thank them for the same at first opportunity.

Last year about two weeks before Christmas it was our luck to be moved to a new position thereby fooling us out of our Christmas dinner. This year we met the same fate. The day passed very quietly, much the same as any other day.

Last evening 1 went to the village for a walk and called upon Col. (Rev.) Beattie of Cobourg. I spent a very enjoyable time, he telling me the big time they had down on the Somme the past summer.

At present I am billeted with a French mining family. Two girls, three or four boys and a couple of kids are all talking at the rate of about twenty words a minute. Through all this I am trying to write. It reminds me of one trying to think in a hen house with the hens all cackling; and fussing around. So if I make any mistakes in this I trust you will blame it on the French gabble. They are fine people though, do anything for us, are up to give us hot coffee every morning at 6:30 before going to parade.

Pleased to hear Capt. Morrison has arrived home on furlough. By all accounts he has done fine work in the field and is justly entitled to his leave.

Although we are a Canadian Battery very little of our time is spent with the Canadians but for how long I could not say. They may keep us now.

May I ask you to give my sincere thanks to the friends of the church for the kind remembrance and greetings at Christmas. And may we all look forward to meet face to face before another Christmas will arrive.