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Date: July 19th 1918
Mother and Father
Merwin Greer


Bomb. Merwin Greer Given Military Medal

Word has been received here that Bomb. Merwin Greer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Greer, who went overseas with the first Cobourg Heavy Battery Draft, has been awarded the Military Medal. The Canadian Siege Battery won signal honors at Passchendaele and other engagements, but Bomb, Greer and other Cobourg boys overseas made very brief reference to these things and also to individual honors receive. It is all ‘just good luck,' they would have us believe. A few extracts from a letter of Bomb. Greer to his parents will be of interest:

'Just a few lines to all at home to say I am alive and well and hoping that you all are the same. I am enjoying a short rest and am feeling fine. We are billeted in tents in a lovely woods. All kinds of sports take place every day, baseball, football, and many other kinds of amusements. I have had very little mail from home lately, a couple of letters and papers the past week. I received a big surprise when I saw it on orders that I had been awarded the Military Medal. Previous to that I knew nothing of it. Also only to-day it came out that Sergeant JACK BURNET of Cobourg had received the Distinguished Conduct Medal. Both of us were very lucky, not given for any special bravery but merely for devotion to duty.

'In our last position the gun that I was on held out well and gave good results, although heavily shelled many times. I have been congratulated by most of our officers and they say I have done good work, and especially at Passchendaele, where the Battery made a good name for itself.

'I was asked where I wanted my medal sent, and naturally I said, 'home,' so If you have not received it you will shortly do so. I am wearing the ribbon. I did not intend telling you, but let it come as a surprise - but find that already people have written to friends in Cobourg telling of the honors the boys got. Many more were entitled to the same - there were four Military Medals and a Distinguished Conduct Medal, and we were among the lucky ones. PETER MILLAR was also Mentioned in Despatches some time ago.

'Our part in the big battle of late has been very little, but anytime now we may be called upon to do our bit some Place. A big Horse Show is on to-morrow, but I am not sure whether I will attend or not - I hardly think so. There is no leave or any sign of it in sight at present. However, we still live in hopes for the future.'
(by Merwin Greer)