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Date: December 4th 1914
Kenneth Haig

Canada Most Popular Colony - Refers to *C. C.I. Boys.

Mr. Kenneth Haig, son of Mr. D.H. Haig of Front Road, East, who enlisted with the B.C. Horse, writes the following letter:

We might say that Mr. Haig is an old *C.C.I. Boy and is well known in Cobourg and vicinity. While at Valcartier his regiment had their horses taken away from them and they were put in with the infantry:
I think I promised to send you a letter when you were down to Valcartier, so here goes:

The camp here is not nearly so good as that at Valcartier. While we were there and things were going wrong, as they must do in this life, the cry was 'Wait till we get to England.' Now when the rain is pouring down, and we are trudging along with wet feet, through mud and water, the joke is, 'Wait till we get to England.' Not that we are maltreated, because we are all satisfied and in just as good spirits, but it certainly is a credit to Canada to have such a camp Valcartier. The western bunch are together here and we are about three miles from the Cobourg boys.

We had good news the other day when it was announced that we are going to get horses again. We were tired of 'foot slogging.' We are going as mounted infantry.

Well Treated In England

'The people of England are treating us fine. I was in old London for four days and had a fine trip. A friend of mine from B.C. and myself were walking along the Strand one evening when who should pat me on the back but Paul Skidmore. So it is a small world after all.

Atrocious Crimes of Germans

'I was in Charing Cross Hospital and saw the wounded there. Most of them were Belgians and some of them women and children. Up to this time I doubted all the stories 1 had read or heard of inhuman deeds of the Germans, but 1 am sorry to say that, instead of being exaggerated, it seems to me that very few of the worst crimes have been published.

Are You A Real Canadian?

'The first thing an Englishman asks when he sees a Canadian soldier is, 'Are you a REAL Canadian?' and when you say that you are, and that your father was also born in Canada, it's a hard job to get away. They certainly have treated us white here without a doubt.

'I got a World to-night and when reading it my thoughts were far away. Often on a route march my thoughts go back to the good old *C.C.I. days. Hasn't the *C.C. I got a great bunch over here? Almost in every camp. It's great.

Canada the Most Popular Colony

'Canada is certainly the most popular colony now in the Empire. Every English paper you pick up has announcement of something else Canada is donating to the Empire.
'Well best wishes to all the boys who are left.
Yours sincerely,
Commonly known as 'sque'
G. Co., 5th Batt.,
B. C. Horse Salisbury Plain; (England).