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Date: July 21st 1916
Mr. and Mrs. Hull
William Hamilton


Mr. and Mrs. John Hull, Lakefield, have received the following letter from Sergt. Wm. H. Hamilton in regard to their son, who was killed in action June 27th.:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hull:
Having taken the opportunity to write to you I must say that you will be very much surprised to have a letter from me. Now, I will introduce myself by saying I am the Signal Sergeant of the R.H.C. and in my section I had one member who was always cheery and bright. He was only a youth but when in a tight corner he did his bit like one who had been in the game for years.

This bright youth, as I call him, was your well-loved son, Wilfred, and to me he was like a link in a chain, if it broke, it would be a hard hit both to me, as well as to his mother and father. So not to make things too strong, one bright and sunny morning this chain broke and just at the so-called link, Wilfred, yes, dear people, your well- loved son has gone to a better land than this and God we thank.

Now, dear people, I know that this has been a hard hit and a big surprise to you, but it won't be so much when you know that he died a real man.

My section is only so small, somewhere around eighteen or twenty of us, and we are all like brothers. I, myself, have been with it since August 1914, and I know all the boys well. Yes, we are all brothers and when we lose one like we did Wilfred, it makes us feel as though we had lost one of our own brightest stars, and so we have, because Wilfred was very young and since I met him he has done his bit. I never needed to ask him to do anything for me because he never needed asking. He was one of my best operators and not only have I lost him but others, and as for myself I feel like an orphan, because the boys now are all new to me.

Now pardon me, if I offend you in any way, because I am a bad compositor and this is the best I can do in the circumstances. If you wish further news as to how he died just drop me a note. I am one who knows all because I was there and I certainly will give you every detail, if you wish, so please write and let me know, also I can tell you of the place in which he lies, but by the time you receive this, I am hoping that you have had official news from the war office. Mourning the loss of a section's star. I will close hoping to hear from you at the first opportunity. I thank you for your space and time, remaining.

Yours very sincerely,
(Signed) WM. H. HAMILTON.
Sergt. Signals, 13th Canadian Battalion, France.