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Date: October 8th 1915
Fred Hinman

Corporal Fred Hinman of the Cobourg Heavy Batt. writes an interesting letter from France as follows:

Dear Home folks:
This is the first chance I have had for writing, as it will be hard to write as regularly as I have been doing while in England, However I will try and drop a card once in a while when there is no opportunity for letter writing.

Before coming over here I used to think the headings 'Somewhere In France' sounded rather foolish, but in my case it is about all the information I could give even would the censor allow more. When at school I used to think I knew a little Geography but the farther you get the more ignorant one seems to be of his location on the map.
We are billeted out at present and are very comfortably situated. After a very tiresome journey we appreciate these comforts all the more.

I was sorry not to send a longer letter before leaving England, but we move on such short notice and there is so much to be done we have very little time to ourselves. I was not able to get any leave at all but hope to be able to see a little of the country later. We intended going the week we went to Wales, but when we heard of that trip we postponed our holidays. I am sorry either as it was a very nice trip. We had an old General supervising our firing, who for a big boss bully would make a Canadian overseer look like a novice. He criticized everything and everybody, but it was what he was there for, and it couldn't help but be a benefit to us.

We received no Canadian mail for some time before leaving but are expecting some anytime now. Our mail will cost us nothing from now on so we will have something on you in that respect. It is just as well for some as there are very few Camegies in the Battery at present.
We are having plenty of fun trying to make our wants known in French. If Miss Jones (C.C.I. teacher) could hear some of us she would not be overproud of her handiwork. We have a few French dictionaries with us which will be of considerable help. There is another change in the coinages but I do not think it will be hard to get on to.
I have a few pictures taken while in Wales, but will not send them until I get some particulars about registered mail.

It was very warm yesterday but it looks like another scorcher to-day.
There seems to have been a good harvest here this year. We passed great numbers of straw stacks on our way here yesterday, I saw a woman pulling two goats in the front door of her house last night. It was probably the only entrance to the barn. If Carleton were only here he might test the milk for butter fat some morning before breakfast.
I will write whenever possible, if not a letter, a card.

Our address will be the same as before, only leave out the Otterpool Camp. Love to all.