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Date: July 23rd 1915
Mr. Kingston
Harry Hodge

Capt. Hodge Writes to Mr. Kingston of Campbellford

June 24, 1915

Dear Mr. Kingston:
We are once more safely out of the trenches. Our last time it was a hot one and we did not regret it when we left them after our seventh day in.

The bombardment was heavier than any we have yet heard or been under and it was fortunate for us that we had good trenches to go to. The English and Canadian troops carried trenches to our left after three days bombardment and assaulting. The Campbellford boys all had their share of work, in fact everyone had as much work as he wished for. Our machine guns were kept busy. Besides the four in our Battalion two others of another Battalion were put under my charge in the front trench and one had to be on the go to see to them all. We expect to go to the trenches in three or four days time again, and after that to be relieved and get a good rest. I have heard from some of the Campbellford boys in the second contingent, and they expect to be over here shortly. The boys that are here are all well, and wish me to remember them to you.

I hope everything is going fine with you and with old Campbellford. Will say good bye for now.

Sincerely yours,
H.E. Hodge, Captain.