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Date: December 10th 1916
James Bennett

10/12/16 Witley Camp

Dear Jenn:

Well it is Sunday again so I suppose it is time for me to write a few more letter (sic). I was going to say answer a few but I haven't got any for the last three weeks so I (guess?) that ever (sic) one has forgotten me.

The first two weeks that we were here I got nearly all the mail that came to the 156th but lately I am about the only one that don't get any. There will likely be a bunch drop in for me sone of these days. They will be like Charlie Kelso/ he told me one day that he got about fifty written all the way from July to October. We have church parade here every Sunday morning and then we have kit inspection before dinner.

I think I will go over to the Salvation Army at Tim ...... to-night as Corpl. Stafford is going to deliver an address at six-thirty. I was down calling on him this afternoon for awhile, he is still in Witley Camp so he is not very far away. He had a few nuts that his better half had sent to him so I helped him finish them they certainly tasted pretty good. I have often wished I had some good pop corn here, as we have a pretty good stove here to pop it on and quite often get a pretty good fire in it. There wouldn't be any use (?) of you sending any over though for dear knows where I would be by the time it would reach here, likely in France and there wouldn't be much time to pop it over there. We have had another move yesterday. We are now with the 124th batalion. I don't expect we will be here very long though. Where we will go I don't know. I heard to day that the 156th was drawing rations for us for supper to-morrow night but I guess it is like all the rest of the stories that have been going the rounds. Some of the fellows in our hut got some Brockville papers last night, so we got a lot of the latest news from that part of the country. They were printed about the first half of Nov.

How is everything going around Spencerville this winter. I hear there has been quite a lot of skating there already. It is pretty hard to believe that there is skating from the way the weather is here. You had better send my mail to the 109th or 156th for another week anyway