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Date: April 16th 1916

Halifax, N. S.

Dear James:

I am spending this afternoon answering all the letters that I have received lately and have just come to yours. If the writing isn't good please excuse it as I have several more to write and am hurrying.

Well I got back from my "recruiting" trip about a month ago. I was home two weeks and sure had a good time but wasn't very successful. I didn't sign on anyone but three that had almost promised me to come, enlisted later after they had heard Colonel Borden speak in Antigonish. So I think I am entitled to a little credit. One of them was Joe Chisholm from Summerside.

There is some prospect of us sailing on or about the last of this month. They are trying to get us in readiness to leave at any time. Colonel Borden is seriously ill with diptheria just now and we have to wait for him.

The 64th that Harold Strople was in got across safely , but I haven't heard from him yet. They had a quick passage.

I had a trip to Lunenburg yesterday on regimental business. Left here at 6 a.m. and got back about 9. last night. I was only there about three hours, so did not see much of the town. I had a wait of about 1 ½ hours each way at Mahone Bay where I changed trains. It is a very pretty little place.

The winter has passed and we are having beautiful weather now. Nearly every day is fine and bright. Today the wind is rather cold, so I think there must be ice floating around somewhere.

We get quite a lot of marching now and Friday we had a two hours march with all our equipment on. It isn't very hard to carry when one gets accustomed to the harness.

The last letter I had from home they said that the fishermen were preparing for the springs work but I expect the bay is full of ice yet.

I haven't any more news so must pass to the next letter. All letters toi and from the U.S. are censored now, so I couldn't give you any military secrets if I wanted to. I think we will be here long enough for your next to come to the same old address. I am holding down a corporals job now and wearing two stripes.

Yours sincerely,

P. S. I understand that Henry Irish has returned to Hartford from China. Have you run across him?

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