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Date: December 24th 1918

Huppaye, Belgium
December 24, 1918

Dear Lilian:

Just arrived back from leave last night and found fifteen letters. Three from you dated Oct 6. Nov 11 17 and one tonight dated Dec 6. Also tonight I received three parcels. Yours and Aunt Bessie's and one from Red Cross home. Another from home hasn't come yet but I think I have enough for tomorrow. Thank you very much and please thank Aunt Bessie for me. I'll writer her in a few days.

I had a fine time on leave. Spent five days in Edinburgh and the rest in London with the exception of one day at Bramshott. I was to see Charlie Scott in hospital several times and he was well enough to go around with me in London.

The battalion moved while I was away and I was five days on the return trip. No one seemed to know where they were and I had to hunt them out myself. I travelled over half of Belgium I think. A few cards enclosed of Namur where I spent one night. I was also one night in Brussells and finally found the batt. about fifteen or twenty miles from there.

In your last letter you mentioned a Lance corporal from No. 5 that you had seen. The only one that I can think of who lived near Wpeg is A. J. Neill. Is he the one? He was wounded Sept 2nd. He was right anyway about John McLean. I saw him at Bramshott the day I was there, he has his comission now. I intend writing John and tell him to call at 30 Kent if he goes home before the rest of us.

We have been busy today getting ready for Christmas dinner. It will be as good as the one last New Years day I think. I'll tell Aunt Bessie about it when I writer her.

It is getting late and I have some more letters to write so I'll leave the rest for next time. Just had a long letter from Henry Irish dated Aug 24. Address my letters to France as usual.


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