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Date: February 11th 1917

Witley Camp Feb. 11, 1917

Dear Dad:-

I think it's your turn for a letter now, so I am going to try and scratch you a few lines this morning.

We have just come in off church parade, which we have every Sunday morning about nine o'clock. The services don't usually be more than half an hour.

I am still with the trench mortat co. and like the work very much. Some of the fellows try to tell us it is a dangerous job, but we have a fellow it this co. who was in France several months with them, when he was wounded, and invalided to England. When he got well again he joined the heavy artillery but as soon as this co. was formed he joined it. He seems to think it is the best job there is over there. He says they are the best equiped, and best looked after of any branch of the service unless the flying core

I had a letter from Herb a few days ago, he said he was real well, he said he received a little parcel from Jen a couple of weeks before he wrote to me, the letter was dated Jan 28. He said they had quite a lot of snow in France then, but it was/ better that way, than wadding around in the mud.

I don't know when we will go to France, one time they will tell us we are going in a few days, and again that we are going to go over when the fifth division of infantry goes, whenever that will be. However we're not worrying about when we go, it will be whenever they say for us anyway. I don't know what has gone wrong with the Canadian mail for the 156th as it is going on two weeks since there has been any came for that letter. The weather has been quite wintry here for the last three weeks, there was about three inches of snow fell a week or so ago but the most of it has worn off again, as the sun comes out quite strong in the day time now, but it gets real cold at night. I had a little cold for a few days the first of the month but it is practically better now. I am feeling real well otherwise.

Well, I must close for this time, as I have run short of news. I might say I received your letter of Xmas day. I wish I could afford a private secretary to write my letters.

I remain

Your affec. Son Jim