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Date: June 25th 1917

Witley Camp, 25/6/17

Dear Garnet:-

As it is a few minutes before time for church parade I will try and scratch you a few lines this morning. The parade was called for nine o'clock, but there was some changes made and we were dismissed again for half an hour.

I received your letter of May 30th a few days ago. That money order came in handy, for I was getting pretty nearly to the bottom of my pocket. They have the rumors goings here that they are going to raise the Canadian soldiers wages to somewhere about two dollars/ a day, when they will ever accomplish it or not. They will soon need to if things keep on getting dearer around here.

The season is getting pretty well advanced here now. The first crop of hay is pretty well off. They grow a kind of clover here that looks quite a lot like the red clover in Canada only it is very sweet. They cut it about the first of June just after it blossoms out. They have lots of strawberries and cherries here now, and lots of peas and tomatoes. The strawberries have been on for over two weeks. We don't very often get them served up to us in the mess but we can buy them at mostly any of the stores or canteens around./

They got about two hundred of a draft in the 156th sometime ago. They were mostly all Russians from up in the Yukon territory. Ralp Sanderson is working in the orderly room and he was telling me, that, he had to make out a nominal roll. He said it wa some job as every one of their names had from fifteen to twenty letters in them. We are still doing stables every night and morning, ony when we are doing guards which is about half the time. We got rid of one of the guards yesterday so we won't have to go on so often now. The weather has been a little cooler here for the last few days than it had been for the past four weeks/

I seen Mr. Con "that used to make cheese in Spencerville", a couple of weeks ago.He has been in this camp for about three months, but I never knew it until lately.

If the potatoes are a good crop in this country this year they hadn't ought to be quite so dear next fall for they have a large increase in acreage over last year. We get them almost every day of the week.

Well, can't think of anything more to write just now so will ring off for this time. I am feeling fine this spring.

Love to all

From your affect. Bro.