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Date: September 6th 1917

Trench Mortar Battery, 54 Canadian Div. Art., B.E.F. France 6/917

Dear Jenn:-

I will try and scratch you a few lines this afternoon as I have nothing else to do and no place to go or at least too lazy to go any place. We done enough work yesterday to the the trench mortars for a week so are having a holiday to-day. We had a nice little walk yesterday and landed up a little closer to the music but aren't close enough to play any yet. We are getting better/ billets the farther we go, first we had tents, then a barn, and now we are in houses.

The weather has been pretty fine for the last few days, after a week or so of continual rain.

I received your letter of Aug. 4th a couple of days ago along with a bunch of other. It was the first mail that I received since we came to this country. I haven't seen anyone that I know since we came over here, only just a few that I met in England and all I know of them is their name. I haven't been able so far to find out where any of the fellows/ from around home are. I seen Ernest McLean just a week or so before we left England, and he had no idea than of when he was likely to come across. I am that sleepy to-day that I can't keep my eyes open. I guess I slept too long last night. It was just nine o'clock this morning when I got up. About all we do is eat and sleep so far, but I guess we will get our share of work to do before very long.

Well I guess this will/ have to do for this time. There isn't much news in it but there is nothing here to write about. You can tell Anna that I received her letter all O.K. and will answer it some time before long. I am well.

Love to all Jim