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Date: January 22nd 1919

Jandrain, Belgium Jan. 22/19

Dear Jen:-

Will try and scratch you a few lines this evening as it is sometime since I last wrote. But it is longer since I have had any Canadian mail. Guess everybody must think that I am on my way home. Wish it were true, but I have no idea yet when I will get started.

We have got a little piece on our way, as you will see by the heading of this that we are out of Germany again. We landed in here four days ago. I am beginning to think that I will be lucky if I get off with just taking four back with me, as every one you meet says me Canada with you and I can never think of the French word for no. I have to say Wie. However, they say that a soldier isn't responsible for all he says so guess I will be safe.

We are having splendid weather here now, nice and bright all the time and quite cold. It freezes quite a lot every night, but usually thaws out again during the day. Don't seem much like the January weather that we usually get in Canada. About the only snow we've seen this winter wa Xmas eve and the night that we were moving it stormed real hard for an hour or so, and got so dark you couldn't see the horse ahead of you to save your life.

This place where we are billeted seems to be gathering place of all the kids in the community as there is usually about a dozen knocking around. Where ever they all come from, just as soon as they cone from school they all flock in here and the place is like mad from that till bed time.

The Canadian soldiers seem to take good any place that they go even in Germany. The night we came through Cologne coming out, they cheered as far as we could hear.

Well I must close as this is all the paper I have.

Love to all


Hope to see you in the near future. JHB