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Date: December 30th 1917

France, Dec. 30 /17
Dear Lillian:

We have just come back after an eleven day trip in the line. I received your letter and one from Aunt Bessie while we were in, but had no chance to write so sent a couple of field cards.

Please thank Uncle George for me, for sending the cable. I received it about an hour before we left for the line. I was very glad to know that everyone was alright.

We had a very quiet trip although the weather was cold and snow fell once or twice. I sent home for a pair of special trench boots, and a few days ago I had a letter from Dad saying they were on the way. I hope I'll get them before the next trip up. There is no word yet of me going to England, so I'm going to ask for my leave. I should get it anyway, as nearly all of the boys have been away.

As you so kindly sent that card for Miss Sullivan, will you please thank her for me. I don't know her address anyway. I had a letter from Jean Gass a week ago also a Christmas card from Mrs. Longard.

Dad spoke about Cecil being killed. A couple of days before we went up the line I went over to his battalion and they told me that he was killed on Paschendaele.

We had the pleasure of being in the front line Christmas day. It was no different from Sunday or any other day and I seldom thought of it being Christmas. We had a lovely dinner of bully beef and hard tack. To make up for it we are having a turkey dinner New Years day. Enough turkeys came in today for the battalion. I think they are a gift from the people of Nova Scotia.

Today I received a box from Aunt Bessie. The stuff tasted great. I shall write her after we have our New Years dinner if I don't eat too much. You said you were sending a sweater in another box. I suppose it is somewhere on the road. I'll be glad to have the sweater. In the line this last time at night, I used to wear one sweater, tunic, great coat and leather coat without sleeves. Please thank Aunt Bessie for me for the box until I write her.

I'll write again soon while we are out of the line and have time.



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