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Date: January 14th 1918

King George & Queen Mary Victoria League Club
Ramsay Lodge, The Mound

January 14, 1918

Dear Lilian:

This is a very cold afternoon so I'm staying home near the fire. I've been having a great time up here, and shall come again if I get another leave before the war is over. I'd like to see Edinburgh in the summer, but we have to take leave when it comes, and by getting it in the winter I get clear of two cold weeks in France.

My leave started the 5th and I lost all that day, as we left Bolougne in the morning and didn't arrive in London till evening. I stayed there until Monday afternoon and then went to Witley to see the 185th. I know several of the sergeants who were with us before the 185 were recruited. Howard Graham who used to be my bunkmate in Halifax is in the 185. and Tuesday evening he took me out to his house. His wife has been over about a year, and he sleeps at home every night. I had a very nice evening with him. It was the time I had been in a private house for a year. Wednesday morning I went to Bramshott to see some of our old boys. They all go there after being discharged from hospital in England. There are a good many of the fellows there but I think Glady McDonald is the only one from near home.

I left Bramshott Wednesday evening and went back to London. Left there at 10:30 p.m. and arrive here the next morning. I expect to stay here until Thursday night and then go back to London. I have to report in London Saturday morning to go back to France.

These clubs are a great thing for us. The meals are very good and beds too. I never get up before nine o'clock. Don't know what I'll do when I go back and have to turn out early.

Talk about prices of every thing being up and the high cost of living in Canada. You should see the people here and in London lining up in front of the shops to get tea, sugar or butter or as is more often the case, margarine. They can't buy more than 1/4 lb tea or 1/2 lb. margarine at once, and every day I see cards in the shop windows "no margarine, tea or sugar today". Meat is very scarce too, and women will almost fight for a rabbit sometimes.

I'm going to one of the theatres tonight to see "Theodore & Co." . If I have time in London I want to see one or two there. Seven Days Leave is one of the best on just now.

The last parcel you sent hadn't come before I left, so it is probably waiting for me. I hope it hasn't been eaten. I hope the boots Dad sent will be there too.

I must get a note off to Dad too.



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