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Date: January 30th 1919

January 30

Dear Lilian:

I have received two of yours letters since I wrote, dated Dec 29 and Jan 3rd.

Excuse paper, but I have nothing else, must go into Brussells some night and get a pad.

We are having a cold snap this week. Some snow fell Sunday and it hasnt melted much. It is usually windy here and the air is damp. I don't think much of a kilt now.

A few nights ago a dump of German bombs and explosives exploded and cause a little excitement. It broke nearly all the windows in B Coys area some of the houses being about half a mile away. A few of the boys had slight cuts from the glass but no one else was injured. We were in the mess and the window we were sitting near didnt break, but the next one, large plate glass too came in in little pieces. It was something like the Halifax explosion on a small scale I think.

There isnt much to do this afternoon. It is too cold for sports and there is no where to go. I have several letters to answer but dont feel like writing today.



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