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Date: January 6th 1919

January 6, 1919

Dear Lilian:

We have moved again and are now billetted in Rixensart. As we only arrived yesterday I haven't looked over the town, but judging by what I have seen, it is a good place to spend a month or two. I believe that there is a possibility of us staying here for that period.

The town is less than twenty miles from Brussells and I think that a good many people in the city have residences here also. The town is larger than Antigonish but isnt built up so much.

I have three of your letters. Dec 8.15.19. Thanks for the snap and clipping.

Jim Horsfall wasn't an officer. He was a sgt. and went home two or three months ago. Tell. Capt. Ruggles that I'll write him one of these days.

My billett here is that best I have had yet. I have a very nicely furnished bedroom and the run of the house. The company commander and second in command sleep where we have our mess in a very fine chateau and the other two are in another house.

I enclose a snap which was taken while we were near Mons. Top from left to right. 1. M.O., 2. Capt. McKay, 3. --, 4. Lieut. McNeil, 5. Lieut. Chipman, 6. Capt. Currie, 7. Intrepreter, 8. Keelor, 9. Lieut. Miller, 10. Lieut. Mooney (band), 11. -- 12. Capt. Donaldson (QM). Centre row: 1. Capt. Graham ("A"), 2. Capt. Hiscocks (B Coy), 3. Major Jackson, 4. Col. Kircaldy, 5. Brig-Gen. MacBrian (our brigadier), 6. Col. Ralston, 7. Capt. Croft (adjutant), 8. Capt. Harvey Crowell ("C"), 9. Capt. Anderson ("D"). Bottom row: 1.--, 2. Lieut. Shields, 3. Lieut. Beasley, 4. Lieut. Wylie, 5. Lieut. Westover, 6. Lieut. Gladdie McDonald, 7. Lieut. Goodwin. All the officers were not there and I dont know one or two that dont belong to us. Sorry that I have to fold it but I gave another that I'll take home when I go.

Received Aunt Bessies letter tonight & am writing her in a day or two.

With love,


Show Ruggles the snap.
He knows some of them.

Original Scans

Original Scans