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Date: January 15th 1917

Witley Camp, Eng.
Jan. 15, 1917.

Dear Lillian:

I commenced a letter to you yesterday afternoon but did not get it finished so am starting over again. I received your letter from home a few days ago. Saturday I had one from Dad and the Evening Mail and a letter from Aunt Bessie. Tell her I shall write her soon.

We are still in quarantine and I am getting tired of being cooped up. Our fourteen days will be up Wednesday and we shall get out if no more mumps develop. Two cases broke out in A. company today and one in D. Saturday so there are three other huts in quarantine. We expected to leave this week but it will be at least two weeks before we get away.

The weather has been cold and damp lately and today was especially cold. Yesterday I slept nearly all day, rolled up in my blankets to keep warm. My hands are cold now and it is rather hard to write. The stove we have isn't much of a heater.

I think I told you in my last about the band going to Bramshott with the 219th. They came back to us Saturday and are going to France with us. They played outside a while yesterday morning and the music sounded good.

Last night we were warned to be ready to have our clothes fumigated this morning and we all thought we should get out today, but this morning we found that it was only our equipment, pack and straps, that they wanted. The 85th is to be inspected tomorrow by the commander of Canadians in England and our harness is for the band to wear. So we have two more days of captivity.

I haven't heard from Harold for a long time, but I supposed he is still in hospital. Cecil hasn't answered my last letter so perhaps he has left for France.

James Cochrane sent me a card recently, also two lots of the illustrated part of the New York Times. There are some good pictures in it. Especially those of the front. Both papers had been opened by the censor. Does he ever open any of my letters.

I never hear anything about any of the boys from near home who are at the front. Do you know if they hear from Ambrose McChesney or Ambrose Boyle? Thompson Boyle is in the hospital unit at Bramshott but I haven't seen him for a long time.

Think I'll try to get near the stove for a few minutes and thaw out. With love to Aunte Bessie and yourself,


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