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Date: November 9th 1918

November 9, 1918

Dear Lilian:

Thanks for snap enclosed in your of Oct. 13th received last night. It isnt very good of either of you and Vic looks small in uniform. Also received a letter from home but the letter was intended for someone else - Aunt Bessies sister I think. I suppose she got the one intended for me.

I arrived back to the battalion three days ago. Am alright again and as we are now out for a rest am not worrying. We have no parade this afternoon and I suppose tomorrow all we shall have will be church.

Received the snap of John and his kid about a month ago but haven't seen that one of you and Don. That letter must be lost. The tobacco and magazine you sent have never arrived but they may come yet. I hope so as both are very scarce out here now. We have pushed ahead so fast recently that we left all luxuries ‘way back and it has been hard to get anything like that up. Things age getting better now though.

Hope you can read all this. My pen is working badly.

You asked several questions so here are the answers. 1. Jim Horsfall hasnt been with us for than a year. He is unfit for France and is instructing in England. 2. Huntly was not an N.C.O. in France and he was wounded in Sept. and is now in England. 3. Doug Howard is quarter master sergeant in B Coy. 4. The chap who sent my watch home is John G. McLean on of the old boys. He is at Bexhill now. If you look in the battalion book you will see his photo.

Please congratulate or sympathize with Mr. Mosher for me, which ever is most appropriate.

I wrote Aunt Bessie while I was down the line and shall write her again soon. I haven't heard from her for a while.

We are living in a village that was occupied by the germans since ‘14 until recently. They had to leave so suddenly that the place is very little damaged. Most of the civilians were taken away but a few are still around. We (B. officers) have a very nice house rather well furnished. Everything was in heaps when we came in but we cleared the rooms up and are very comfortable. The germans kindly left us a nice vegetable garden which is appreciated.

It has been decided (not by me) that we wear kilts all winter, which is very nice from the point of view of a few who don't wear them. I think the idea is to be able to go home in kilts before this winter. If we gave them up now we could not get them again before spring. How if the others can stand it Ill be a Scotchman too.

Thanks all,



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