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Date: October 10th 1918

October 10, 1918

Dear Lilian:

Have been rather slow about writing lately for I should have got a letter off to you last week. I received yours of Sept 2 the night we moved up for the last big show. We had a hard week up the line as there was no opportunity for rest. We were too busy going ahead to think of it. Suppose you have read all about it.

We are back for a rest now but it is like all former rests. The boys get all the drill they need to keep out of mischief. I got off yesterday and went back to a large town for the day. Had a good time and expect to go again next week.

I havent heard from Charlie Scott since he was wounded. I think his arm was taken off. So that finishes Charlies little career in Sunny France.

It's nearly four months since I came over and (if) I can hold out for two or three month more I'll be getting leave. I'd like to see Paris while I'm over here, but just now I feel that when leave comes I want to get as far as possible from France.

I expect a bunch of letters this week as I haven't heard from anyone very lately. I must get a letter off home tomorrow.

This afternoon our divisional concert party put on a show for us. They are good actors and gave us a fine entertainment. I saw one by another party a few evenings ago but it wasn't as good.

I hope Dad is feeling alright again. He should take it easy when he isnt well. I wish I could get back, but I don't see any way to do it. It may not be long now before we all go home.



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