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Date: September 9th 1918

September 9, 1918

Dear Lilian:

Last week we were so busy that I could only find time for a letter home and a short note to Aunt Bessie. I received yours of Aug. 11th from Sydney alright.

I suppose you have read all about what took place on the 2nd. The English papers were full of it and I expect the Canadian papers piled it on pretty thick too. We were in it and it was certainly the hardest scrap I've ever been through. I was very fortunate as I came out without a scratch. The battalion had the honor? of taking one of the hardest parts of the line and the boys sure did the job well. Anyway we have been very highly complimented for the job.

I enclose some clippings from the daily paper that the troops get over here, which are copied from the English papers. You might send them home when you read them. Some of the boys got all kinds of souvenirs but the only thing I brought back was a very fine automatic revolver. I had the satisfaction of "getting" two of the blonde brutes. At least I am sure of two and I think I got several more. On former occasions I have never been quite sure of any I tried fro, but this time I know of the two at least. So I think I have partly squared up for what they gave me on April 11th last year.

Huntly Matheson was wounded and I think he got a bullet through the knee so perhaps he will be sent home later. I dont think you would know any of the others that were hurt.

We are out for a rest now quite a distance from the line and since coming out I have been given my old platoon, No. 5. I was with it so long, Oct/15 to Jan/18, that it seems like getting back home although there are only a few left that were with me in the old days.

The box that I thought was lost turned up tonight and believe me we enjoyed it very much. Thanks for it and please thank Aunt Bessie and Uncle Geo. for their share of it.

It is getting late and the rest are in bed so I must go too.



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