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Date: September 5th 1917

Sept. 5, 1917
Dear Lillian:

The last week has been a busy one, and I couldn't find time to write. I intended to last night, but our band had a concert on in the Y.M.C.A. tent and I had to go. It was too good to miss. They are putting on new sketches and other stunts all the time and are worth seeing.

I received your of August 8th, also the box a few days ago. Thanks very much. Don't send any more corn or beans as we can get them at the Y.M. canteens. Sometimes we can get canned peaches or pears too. We can also get crackers in small packages.

My home at present is a dugout. Three of us occupy it, and it is only large enough for three bunks with a space about three feet by five feet next the door. The roof doesn't leak, so it's a good little home.

We were drilling all day today, but I had it easy this afternoon, being in charge of a grenade class.

The weather has been fine for about a week and is very much like Aldershot last summer. Warm days and cold nights.

I had a letter from Henry Irish a few days ago. He said when I wrote again to address it to China.

There was a Keay chap in one of the battalions of our brigade killed recently and I have been wondering if he was Will Keay of Guys. Intervale.

King O'Donoghue is in England now on leave. He has an uncle over there. I'm hoping for leave either to England or Paris soon. Nuf sed.

With love,


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