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Date: December 13th 1940

The Lawns
Nr. Yeovil,

Dec. 13 ‘40

Dear Moo:

Well, I've gone & done it -- I'm now a married man and you have another younger sister -- she's very young, only 18, but terribly sweet!

Barbara and I were married on Dec. 7th & Cliffy was my best man, with Eve Brake being Barbara's matron of honour -- the service was very short and snappy and punctuated by an air-raid warning & an all clear --Barbara's Mum & Dad had a bang-up reception after, for a few of our intimate friends, with champagne and all the trimmings -- We left about 3:45 & drove down to Bournemouth for our honeymoon -- we certainly picked a good spot, as the weather was fairly good and Jerry left us alone -- On the Monday, we drove thru. Southhampton to Portsmouth to see some of Barbara's friends -- incidentally the bomb damage to Southhampton is bad, but nothing compared to what one reads and hears -- so please tell you American friends from an eye-witness that we can take it, and that the damage is exaggerated about three times! -- We arrived back here on Wednesday the 11th & since Barbara has had me working like a slave changing everything around --moving lamps, painting, wardrobes -- Ah me! she's a hard task-master, she almost stands over me with a cat and nine tails -- however I do admit the old bachelor flat looks ever so much better, & the presence of a charming girl (for my honey's a real honey & you know I can pick ‘em), in the place makes it feel like home & not just a place to hang up ones hat --

We've done very well in the way of presents & we expect to get a few more yet; here is the list up to date: --
Silver tea service -- Admiralty
Cut-glass water service -- Home Guards
Electric fireplace -- a Hauling contractor
Eider Down -- Barbara's Mother
Lamp & Bookends --
Dressing Table Set -- Contractor Foreman
Lamp & cheque for a quid -- Leonard & Eve Brake

& several more things, including the car, complete with petrol etc. -- no small item over here now, in this day & age --

Well, I've to report back to work to-morrow, as we've started working alternate week-ends -- Cliffy worked last one, so I have to kick through on this one -- however I've been lucky to get 6 days off, at this time, as everything is supposed to be working full time & full speed ahead to lick Mussi & Hitler.

Many thanks, Moo, for your nice Christmas Card & the $2.00 -- it was very helpful & I greatly appreciate it -- Mum told me I couldn't send money now so I sent you a present via Mum & I hope you get it safely & that Jerry (Germans)hasn't sent it to the bottom of the sea --

Mum, also tells me you never hear from me! that seems strange, as although I'm not much of a correspondent, I've answered every one of you letters -- I suppose either the censor or Jerry has nabbed them, as I can't see any other explanation --

Well, we're certainly giving Musso something to think about in Egypt and Greece -- it's about time our land forces showed their metal, as they've a hell of a long way to go to catch up with the Navy & the R.A.F. -- If we can only force Italy out of the war, it would be a great help, as it would release a large part of our navy from the Mediterranean, & thus enable our convoy's to be more ably protected -- as, at the moment, our crying need is greater protection of our mercantile shipping -- our losses lately have been colossal, & I'm sure we can't afford to have those losses continuing for very long.

Well, Moosie, when are you taking the second plunge? -- do let me know, although I assure you I won't give you a nice Lesmosges Dinner service this time -- sorry to hear about Dusty's accident, but as long as it was only the car -- it's not so bad --

I think the time has come to cut this epistle short & wander off to a bath & a nice cozy bed -- not celibate any longer --

Give my best to Adele & her husband, & also Dusty -- write soon & all the best, Moo!

Tons of love
from your
affectionate brother & new
sister --
Barbara & Dick