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Date: December 21st 1941
Moo and Dusty

The Lawns,
Yeovil, Som.

Dec. 21, ‘41

Dear Moo & Dusty:--

Congratulations!-- I just received the news from Mum that you were
married just before Xmas -- All the best & may you both have every happiness.

I just sent you a present for Xmas, Moosie, in a parcel to Mother, but I'm afraid it's gone to feed the fishes, as Vern cabled me on the 8th that they hadn't heard from me since the middle of Nov. I cabled a reply that I've written regularly every 2 weeks -- I'm afraid Jerry is doing a lot of dirty work with our shipping.

Barbara & I are very happy -- she's so young & lovely & full of pep with a delightful sense of humour. The last virtue seems to be very necessary for a life of marital bliss.

I'm rather anxious to have a son, as Dad would certainly like a grandson with the family name. I don't know what Barbara thinks about this, as I suppose after all, she's the deciding factor in a case like this.

Jerry has been giving us hell with his ‘blitzes' lately & most of the big cities have copped it -- even censured has had its taste of incendiaries & of course the censured gets visited now & then, but so far the damage has been slight.

I'm kept very busy what with the job & the Home Guard, and Barbara is always complaining about me being out all the time thou not playing poker or drinking with the boys.

Barbara & I are quite domesticated & lead very sober lives, as there is very little regularly to do in Ilchester & in any event, we couldn't afford to do anything if there was. Our only relaxing is an occasional ‘flick' -- (movie to you).

Well, Moosie, write soon, as its ages since I heard from you & many thanks for your nice card with bank-notes attached. Let me know what you would like for a wedding present.

All the best & my love to you both --from your affectionate brother &
new sister,
Barbara & Dick.

P.S. I don't know your married name, so am sending it to old address.