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Date: May 26th 1941
Moo and Dusty
Richard and Barbara Bright

No. 8 Greenlane Ave.

May 26 ‘41

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Many, many thanks for your $5.00, needless to say it was very welcome, as $5.00 American is worth about 25 bob now over here. So far we are saving it, as with the purchase tax, etc., everything is so very expensive over here, and not to mention our income tax -- 10 bob on the pound -- it's colossal isn't it? However, it's all in a good cause & that's the best of it.

I am kept very busy now, as Cliffy has been transferred to Cardiff & Tony to Hong Kong, so I've applied for a raise, but every 10 pound raise is only 5 pound now, so I'm afraid it won't help very much. However I have applied for a transfer to Bermuda & it seems like heaven to us; to get away from high income tax, high cost of living, Jerry bombs & the usual paraphernalia of war -- Ah well! Here's hoping.

Jerry seems to be going all out with his air attack on Crete, & I sure hope that we squish him properly as it would be grand for our prestige, not to mention his terrific losses, which he is bound to get in an invasion such as this; however it must be terribly exciting to experience this battle, the first of its type every fought -- it's certainly making military history if nothing else.

How do you like having your daughter Janet with you again; I bet you certainly love it. Please give her my best love & tons to you both,

Your affectionate

P.S. Here's Barbara! --

Dear Moo & Dusty;

Thank you very much for your splendid gift to us - Dicky's banking it, as purchase tax is rather high. Suspect Janet is with you now and very glad to be with her Mummy. I hope she remembers to continue writing to us as she did quite often from Vancouver. The weather here is inclined to be weepy and windy but we are hoping for a nice Summer, it will make up for a lot of things.

Well, I'll say Cherrio now, hoping that you will be as happy as you expect to be and my regards to Janet & Mother if she's still there.

Yours Sincerely,