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Date: January 3rd 1942
Moo and Dustie

c/o Lobnitz & Co.

Jan. 3 ‘42

Dear Moo & Dustie:

Many thanks for your nice presents, which we received safely, with Mum's parcel. Carol has been very lucky this Christmas as Phyl sent her a lot of Wendy's old clothes & were they gratefully received! I should say they were, as clothing is rationed over here.
I hope that you had a merry Christmas even though you are now allies with us against the axis. I don't suppose you have begun to feel the pinch yet.

We had a very quiet Christmas, I worked all day, but my honey had a lovely dinner waiting for me -- her mince pies are delectable!

Say Moo! I thought you were going to cable as the news of your latest arrival -- surely you must have had it by now -- as in your last letter to Mums you mention Dusty's birthday in November as a probability. I do hope it's a boy! How is Janet? I do hope she's well & thriving -- is she still as phlegmatic as she used to be?

Barbara & I dislike the Clydeside intensely & both wish we were back in the south, but I'm afraid it's beginning to look like a long job up here. At present we are living in furnished rooms, which is very unsatisfactory, especially with Carol; but I'm trying to find a furnished flat or villa, but they are very scarce up here, as this district is very crowded. Ah Well! I hope to get something in the next week or two.

Ah well, Moo & Dustie, all the best to you & the children & once again, many thanks.

Tons of love to you both
Your affectionate brother & sister
Dick & Barbara

P.S. My fountain pen has gone wonky -- could you get me one as they are unobtainable over here - if you could, I will try & send you something in return -- Love Dick