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Date: January 27th 1942
Moo and Dusty

c/o Lobnitz & Co.,

Jan. 27 ‘42.

Dear Moo & Dusty: --

Both Barbara & I were overjoyed to hear that you've had a baby girl & that everything went off alright; I know you both must be very relieved that's it's all over, & needless to say, overjoyed with your latest arrival.

Many thanks for your Christmas & birthday presents, and I assure you that they were greatly appreciated -- doubly so in this time of war & short rations.

Barbara & I have been house hunting but with little success so far, however we still have hopes of getting something decent & fairly reasonable in the near future. These two rooms are very unsatisfactory, as they are very crowded, what with Carol's nappies etc., and on top of that my little honey resents not being boss in her own house -- for our landlady isn't quite so nice now as she was when we first squatted here: -- talking about squatting, this is almost like camping out!

The job looks like a longer one, as there's a fair amount of new work coming up, & I'm afraid we going to be here for some time yet.

How do you like being at war? I heard Quentin Reynolds the other night & he is very good -- the best American broadcaster, in my opinion, as he's made some excellent ones over here -- especially one addressed to Mr. Schicklegruber (Hitler) -- it was lovely; -- This last one was from New York addressed to ‘Joe Smith,' the everyday Britisher -- he was very good!; he's well worth listening to.

I do hope you are both well & that Janet & the wee one are both fit & in the pink. Please give them both a nice big kiss from their Uncle, Aunt & cousin Carol, & lots of love to you both: -- I'll close as Quentin Reynolds by saying "Good-night Partner & the best of luck -"

Your affectionate brother & sister,
Dick & Barbara