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Date: April 30th 1943
Moo and Dusty

Imperial Hotel

April 30, ‘43

Dear Moo & Dusty:

I was greatly upset to hear of Dad's death, particularly as I can't do very much for Mum from away over here.

My only hope is that Mum never told Dad about this ghastly mix-up of mine with Barbara. I suppose you've heard about it from either Mum or Phyl & Vern. It was a hell of a jolt, when I arrived in Portsmouth & found my wife cohabiting with a sailor -- it was ghastly & poor little Carol's welfare only makes it worse. I wouldn't care so much, but I do want Carol to have a home, so I've made up my mine to return to Canada with Carol after this war's over, and Mum could make a home for the wee lassie. At present Barbara is looking after Carol, and my friends in Portsmouth are keeping an eye on Carol to see that she doesn't get neglected.

I expect to go in the Army soon: I had my medical last week & passed Grade I -- , so I promptly volunteered for a Commission in the R.E.'s --up to the present I've had no reply, but I will let you know what transpires.

I was pleased to hear that Janet is doing well in school, and that Sue is blooming. I'm sorry that you're away so much, Dusty, but ‘c' est la guerre.' Most of us here are in the same boat.

I've certainly made some lovely friends over here: -- Jim & Lena in Somerset, Elinore & Ernie, and Pauline & Freddie in Glasgow all offered to take Carol for me. Ah! they've been wonderfull, and I'm afraid without their grand friendship I would have cracked up, because I certainly had a shock and suffered acute mental agony -- I spent last week end with Ernie & Elinore in Glasgow & it felt like going home.

I'm afraid I'm turning pansy, as I've never felt so homesick since I first went to Mabyn College, as I've felt since Barbara turned out to be so unfaithfull -- Ah well, enough of my worries! I'm afraid you'll say this is a most depressing letter of your brother in far off Kirkcudbrightshire (lovely word that, pronounced KIR-COO-BRI-SHIRE) & it's a lovely county up here. Galloway, that is Kircudbright & Wigtown, is noted for its wonderfull scenery, and sky effects: -- In peace time its a great place for artists & such like artistic creatures. But it's a lovely place and the people are very hospitable & obliging -- In fact my chief sent me up here on a small survey to give me a chance to recuperate from my domestic difficulties -- However I expect to be finished in a week or two, so I think if you next write, you better write to my office: i.e.: --

This is the only address that I can give you at the moment, as I'm afraid my affairs are in a very unsettled state.

Ah well, Moo & Dusty, I'll call this scrawl to a halt, as I'm sure it will be depressing you.

Please give Janet & Sue, a big kiss from their Uncle Dick -- and tons of love to you both --

Your affectionate brother,