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Date: June 26th 1943
Moo and Dusty

63 High St.,
Portsmouth, Hants.,

June 26 ‘43

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Many thanks for your lovely letter, Moo dear, and your kind offers of help and sympathy. As you say, we can't pick ‘em, the first time at any rate -~ Oh! well, the only bad part about it now, is Carol's welfare; that's the all important thing -- and as soon as this war's over, I'm taking Carol back to Canada.

I have been accepted for a commission in the Royal Canadian Engineers, and I will be reporting to Can. Military H.Q. in London on July 5 ‘43. I take a 6 weeks course as a 2nd Lieut. & then they give me my second pip, so it won't be long before I'm singing ‘I'm in the Army Now,' or ‘Wish Me Good-luck, as You Wave Me Good-bye' or ‘somepum.'

It was snappy work! You see I volunteered for the R.E.'s in March -- had my medical in April & my interview on June 3 -- I then had the bright idea to volunteer for the R.C.E.'s so I went up to Canada House & had a chat about it -~ I had my interview the following week, my medical last week, & I get posted this week. I still haven't heard anything from the R.E.'s! However, I'll be better off in the old Canadians, and after all it's my country!

Aubs is now over here with the R.C.A.F., and is at present stationed at Bournemouth. I had him down here last week-end & it was grand seeing him again -- just like a breath of home. He met Carol and was greatly taken with her, but Barbara wouldn't meet him -- shame I guess! He came down on Saturday at lunch-time -- we had lunch & a walk & then went to see a show -- ‘No! No! Nanette!' -- it was very good, and then we all went back to a friend's home where we had a bang-up supper. It was all very nice & went over very well. On the Sunday I got Carol & we all went for a stroll along the front -- big Aubs being the centre of a lot of female eyes. Bye the way, Aubs has fallen at last, for a very nice looking girl in Toronto. -- He showed me her snap and she looks very nice indeed. I rather think that he'll be taking the plunge at last after this war of ours is over. Oh. well! more power to him.

The digs I have in Portsmouth here are very nice, and my landlady & her family have been very decent to me -- made me feel at home & can't do too much for me. They've certainly helped to fill the gap of my own home. Carol is full of beans & Oh so lovely -- of course I'm biased,
for I'm sure I would think her beautiful even if she was ugly as sin.

I do hope that you are all well & thriving, & that Janet, Sue are full of fun & life -- I suppose Janet must be getting a big girl now -- school & all that, I presume. I hope that they're not working you too strenuously, Dusty, and that you get the odd bit off now & again.

Oh well, you two lucky ones away off in Sunny California, I must bring this scrawl to a close -- so I'll end it by asking you to give Janet & Sue a nice big kiss each from their Uncle Dick, and I'm only sorry that I'm not there to do it in person.

I will write & let you know my Army address, but in the meantime either this office or my head office in Salisbury will get me, as I will keep in touch with both offices --

Do write soon, and tons of love to you both.

Your affectionate brother,