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Date: July 14th 1943
Moo and Dusty

1st Can. Gen. Reinforcing Unit,
Canadian Army, Overseas,

July 14 ‘43.

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Well, here I am in the blinking Army at last. I was commissioned as a 2nd Lt. on July 5, ‘43, in the Royal Canadian Engineers, & I am now undergoing basic training at Aldershot.

So far it's been rather hectic, trying to get Uniforms etc., attend lectures, classes etc, and obtain marriage license & Carol's birth certificate; so far quite unsuccessfull in practically all items: -- however I am given to understand that it eventually straightens itself out, and one can get down to a more even keel -- not a very apt simile in the Army, but it'll have to do.

In Phyl's last letter, I believe Mum is or will probably be with you when you receive this scrawl of mine. I hope she can manage it, as it will be a nice change for her, and it will take her mind off the loss of Dad.

I had Aubs down to Portsmouth one week-end, & he was greatly tickled with Carol: - he didn't meet Barbara, which was just as well under the circumstances. Aubs & I are going to get together & make a trip up to Grantham some week-end, to see where our fathers came from -- jolly good idea I think, as I've been to Lincolnshire.

So far I've been taking basic training, which covers a lot of territory in very snappy order; I then will go to an Engineer Reinforcing Unit & take an Engineer's course, so when I'll be ready for the field is rather problematical.

To-day, I received word from the War Office that I had been granted a Commission in the R.E.'s & would be called up in the next 6 weeks. Considering I volunteered in March, they've certainly taken their time about it: -- March to August! The Canadians took three weeks -- so there is quite a difference there. Ah! I'm much better off with the Canadians & much happier I'm sure.

How are Janet & Sue? I trust they are both fit & having a lovely summer; I'm sure Janet must be pretty good in school, isn't she?, because it takes a lot to rattle Janet.

Ah well, Moo & Dusty, I'll bring this scrawl to an end -- please give Sue & Janet a big kiss from their Uncle Dick, & tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother,
2nd Lieut. R.A. BRIGHT
1st Canadian General Reinforcing Unit
Canadian Army