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Date: July 19th 1943

1st Can. Gen. Reinforcing Unit,
Canadian Army,

July 19 ‘43

Dear Moo:

Many happy returns on the first of August -- & may your shadow never grow less -- I'm sorry that I can't send any more than my greetings but my Canadian Bank Account hasn't been opened yet.

I trust that all goes well with you & yours, and that Janet & Sue are both in the pink. I'm sure they should be enjoying the lovely California sunshine at any rate.

So far I've had a lot of lectures & courses in the Army, but one gets such an amazing variety that it seems so easy to get them all confused. However I hope to be able to sort then out time I complete this course.

I've bumped into Jimmy of Mabyn College days -- he's now padre -- & he's changed quite a school -- days --

Ah, well, Moo, tons of love & best wishes, and if Mum's with you -- that goes for her too -- please give Janet & Sue a nice big kiss from their Uncle Dick -- Ton of love to your all,

Your affectionate brother,

P.S. Can you send any cigs? I will fix it up with you later on.