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Date: March 8th 1944
Moo & Dusty

Rear Party,
30 Cdn. Fd. Coy,
R.C.E., Canadian Army

8 March 44

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Just a short note to let you know I'm still alive & in the land of the living. I received your note paper for my birthday, for which many thanks, as good note-paper is almost impossible to get over here.

I've had a couple of letters from Mum, written from Vancouver, and one from Phyl to-day. Poor old Phyl is having a devil of a time with her third, and I'm glad Mum is back with her to help her and the children. She seems very keen on a boy -- I sure hope she gets her wish! She tells me that Russ's wife is expecting, so good luck to them, as they've been trying for a long time I believe.

We had a dance at our H.Q. a couple of weeks ago: -- it was rather fun but it's a lot of fuss & bother in this age of war. I took a local lassie, who'se [sic] married to a RAF chap: -- she seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. I hope that I'll be able to take Peggy, (you know, the Wren from Toronto that I met in Portsmouth over my Christmas leave). The only snag is finding a place for her to spend the night. However, I hope my good friends the Saings, proprietors of the Crown Pub, may come to my assistance.

Peggy is going on her leave shortly & is taking a course at Oxford: I would rather like to do that. Peggy sent me 300 cigs yesterday: --
They had been sent to her from a friend in Toronto, & as she had plenty, she just forwarded them to me. It was jolly nice of her & I appreciated them greatly as was completely out of them.

Life goes on very much the same with me; the usual army routine, punctuated by occassional [sic] visits to the local pub. --

I trust all goes well with you all, and that both Janet & Sue are thriving. Please give them a nice big kiss each, from their Uncle Dick.

Mother certainly enjoyed her stay with you, and although glad to see Phyl, Vern, & the children, she was sorry to get back to Vancouver's damp climate, as her arthritis returned immediately.

Ah well, my dears, do write me a letter soon, and give my best to Adele & tons of love to you all --

Your affectionate brother,