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Date: March 24th 1944
Moo & Dusty

Rear Party
30 Cdn. Fd. Coy.
R.C.E., Canadian Army,

March 24, 44

Dear Moo & Dusty:

I received your letter a couple of days ago; Moo, & I was glad to hear that you are all well again now after your bouts of flu. I had a letter from Mum yesterday & she was telling me about Janet's birthday party; I'm sure she must have enjoyed it.

Last week-end we had a dance @ our H.Q., & I asked Peggy Staunton, a Wren, who I met over my Christmas leave. She's a very nice girl
and is a Canadian -- comes from Toronto. She came over here in ‘41, as a voluntary M.T., but as this job was unpaid, she ran short of money, so joined the Wren's over here last summer. The dance was very good, and we all had a lot of fun. I arranged for Peggy to stay at the Crown, with my friends Mr. & Mrs. Saing, which was very satisfactory.

On the Sunday, I took Peggy back to Portsmouth, but was unable to see Carol, as my wife has moved to 41 Oakwood Rd, Kilsey [?], Portsmouth, & I didn't have the time to hunt for it, as I was only in Portsmouth for an hour & a half. However I get word occassionally [sic] from the Gutheries & Carol is keeping very well.

On Wednesday night, we had a Coy dance for our men; but this meant a lot of work for me, as I had to make most of the arrangements with regard to the beer, food & rental of dishes etc. However it went over pretty well, and I think most of the boys enjoyed themselves. I also had a lot of fun trying to chase up girls for this dance, from different ATS units & WAAFS in the neighborhood.

I trust all goll with you both, and that life under war conditions isn't too strenuous.

Please give Adele my best, when you next see her, and as I've said before, cigarettes are always most welcome, particularly as I'm now out in the field, and canteens are few and far between.

We have a bit of fun, now and again, when Jerry decides to pay us a visit, just to break the monotony of our daily round.

Ah well, my dears, -- I'll say Cheerio, & please give Janet & Sue a nice big kiss from Uncle Dick, and tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother,


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