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Date: April 18th 1944
Moo & Dusty

c/o 1st Cdn. Army Service
Increment,Group H.Q.,

18 April 44.

Dear Moo & Dusty:

I received a letter dated 3 Apr., Moo, on the 14 April & yet today I received one dated March 13! -- Strange eh?

I'm glad to hear that... are all well & kicking & that both ... & Sue are doing so well. Frankly, I ... you any news of Carol, as my wife ... even bother to write me now, & I've found it impossible to get down to Portsmouth.

I was hoping to get a spot of leave, but no luck as our boys have moved to other billets, & I am left behind with a Serg. to clean up all the outstanding acc'ts etc. etc. etc. -- No easy job, I can tell you as I even have to drive my own lorry, a 30 ..., much to the surprize [sic] of the English lads, who have taken over the billet.

However, my Serg & I are attached to them, here, for quarters & rations, and we are very well looked after in that regard, so I suppose I shouldn't bitch.

Many thanks for sending me some more cigs, Moosie, as I'm always short of them. In fact any time you can spare a dime, I would be glad of cigs, for most of the other boys have plenty & I feel a little out of it, when I can't return them.

I'm afraid I can't repay you for this Moo at the moment, as there's so little over here that I could send you, & to send money, takes a lot of manipulation. However, I'll try to repay you, when this present mix-up is over, & we're all free, white & twenty-one, once again. O.K.?

I'm sure you must be kept terribly busy, Dusty, as all railway employees seem to work all hours of the day & night. I'm afraid it's not much fun for either of you, but it's better than being in the Services, thousands of miles from one's dearest & most loved ones.

Ah well dears, I'll bid you adieu once again Please give Janet & Sue a big kiss each from their Uncle Dick, and tons of love to you both,

You affectionate brother


P.S. Keep your peckers up & keep smiling. RAB