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Date: August 24th 1944
Moo & Dusty

No. 1 C.E.R.U.,
Canadian Army,

24 Aug ‘44.

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Well, as you see I'm out of the hospital & back at my old stamping ground. They gave me a thorough check over & couldn't find a thing wrong with me physically, so they've put me on an Amatol Drug cure! So far it's worked perfectly & I haven't had any of my funny nervous spells. I feel fit as a fiddle & full of beans so please don't worry about me, as I hope to be back to ‘A,' by the end of September.

Well Moosie, I received a letter from you yesterday written away back in June --- it was the one describing Janet getting her hand caught in the wringer & also the old ford running away & ruining the front hedge & damaging the garage etc. It went for quite a journey -- You addressed it to the 30th so it went to France; & then back to Ser. Inc. Gp. H.Q., then here once again -- needless to say it was well covered with stamp marks & addresses. Quite a battle-scared veteran!

How are all you little people? I trust that Janet & Sue are full of beans & keeping quite fit: -- I'm glad to hear that you are able to spend more time at home, Dusty; it must make it much nicer for you, Moo & the kids.

Carol is still with Barbara at Portsmouth but I have arranged for Jim & Lena in Somerset to take Carol until arrangements can be made to have her sent out to Phyl & Mum. I sure hope it will be soon.

Ah well, I hope to be home, myself shortly by the way things are going across the water. What say you?

Please give Janet & Sue a big kiss from Uncle Dick & tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother,


P.S. Still no cigs -- I'm sure somebody is having a hell of a big smoke on me! What say you --

Love Dick