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Date: August 29th 1944
Moo & Dusty

No. 1 C.I.R.U.,
Canadian Army,

29 Aug ‘44.

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Many thanks, my dears, I received 200 Herbert Tareyton Cigs
yesterday & were they welcome -- I'll say they were. Funnily enough I received 2 parcels of 300 each from Phyl & Vern to-day, so it's been a gala occassion [sic] -- Ah well the old ships came in at last -- the first since last March.

I've been granted 48 hours compassionate leave this week-end in order to move Carol down to Jim & Lena in Somerset. My wife is against it, but both my father & mother-in-law are all for it, as Barbara can't possibly look after Carol in her present situation, particularly since my allowance to her has stopped. You see, once I put the matter in the hands of the Army Legal Aid, her allowance ceased except for $12.00 per month for Carol -- so there it is.

Jim & Lena have offered to take her for me, until I can arrange for Carol to go back to Canada to Phyl & Vern. They both assure me, they'll only be too glad to take her for me while this shindig is still going on.

I hope & trust that all you little people are in the pink, and that Janet & Sue are both full of beans & not getting into too much mischief.

I hear that Mum & Patti are now back from the Cariboo, & both in the best of health.

Well, my dears, once again many thanks & please give Janet & Sue a big kiss from Uncle Dicky --

Tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother,


P.S. -- No P.S. this time -- all the best