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Date: November 26th 1944
Moo & Dusty

5 Cdn. Art. Wks. Coy.,
R.C.E., Cdn. Army, o/s.,

26 Nov. 44

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Many thanks, Moo & Dusty, for your nice parcel: -- the biscuits, cake etc. were appreciated by all, as we had a little dinner party in the mess, a couple of days after I received your parcel. The dinner party was a great success & Alec Tulk, our Q.M., put on a very good show for this day & age.

My divorce is delayed once again, for the co-respondent has been transferred to Ceylon & this of course means more costs & more delay. So I've decided to take a spot of leave next week; I was more or less holding it for this divorce action, but it's not much use now. I am going down to Hone for a few days & see Peggy, my little Wren from Toronto, & then up to the Crown to see Les & Cis. -- Cis has just had another daughter & everything is going well with both of them.

I expect my wife has had her illegitimate child O.K., as I've had no word from any of them, and I'm sure if anything had gone wrong I would have been notified quick enough. I'm told through Army Legal Aid that Carol is O.K., & well looked after & I imagine that she must be staying with John & Barbara, my in-laws, so I'm quite happy about Carol's welfare for once.

I trust all you little people are well & happy & that Janet & Sue are both thriving. I certainly hope that you'll all have a lovely Christmas. I've sent money to Vern & asked him to buy my presents this year, send them to you, for there's so very little you can get over here, without coupons, more so this year than before, as we've now got a lot of the European people to clothe & feed.

Ah well my dears, I'll close this scrawl for now -- so please give Janet & Sue a nice big kiss each from Uncle Dick & tons of love to you both.

Your affectionate brother,