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Date: February 15th 1945
Moo & Dusty

5 Cdn. Ast. Wks. Coy.
R.C.E., Cdn. Army o/s,

15 Feb ‘45

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Many thanks, my dears, for your Christmas card & birthday they arrived within a day or two of each other.

I'm still in the big city & I've been attached up here on bomb damage, now, so I expect I'll be here for a week or two. But it's rather heartbreaking to get a job almost done & then have a V2 come along & one has to start all over again -- however -- ‘c' est la guerre' -- what say you!?..

I had lunch at B.C. House to-day & bumped into Nelson Darling, a Maj., Harry Smith, also a Maj., Med McFarlane, also a Maj., Gil Stuart, a Capt., -- Don McTarish, a Sqd. Leader, & Jack Lassen, a Lieut.; needless to say we had a great old chat & it was grand -- just like old home week. We had a great old chat & I heard all about a lot of our old friends -- but I'm afraid a lot of them have gone west-- Morry Greham, Phil Griffin, Bob Rankin, Bruce Humburg & dozens more; however -- once again ‘c' est la guerre.

I trust that you little people are all well & full of beans -- Harry Smith asked about you Moo & wanted to know how you & the children were. I told him about poor little Johnny but told him that you had soon replaced little Johnny by Susan -- please give Janet & Susan a nice big kiss from their old Uncle Dick.

Nelly Darling brought up the fancy dress dance where I went as a Crofton House School girl & I got a crying jag -- Do you remember? Gosh it seems like centuries ago -- doesn't it? Ah well, one grows old --

I met cousin Gladys Bright Rogers, & she's a very charming spinster about Mum's age: -- she was greatly pleased that I managed to get up to see her for a week-end & Oh my -- was she proud of me! -- paraded me around Peterborough as if I was a V.C.

Ah well, my dears, Please write soon & tons of love to you all,

Your loving brother


P.S. Any chance of getting a fountain pen for me -- I'll let you have the money -- but they're unobtainable over here?

Love Dick.