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Date: May 5th 1945
Moo & Dusty

5 Cdn. Ast Wks Coy,
R.C.E., Cdn. Army o/s.,

5 May ‘45

Dear Moo & Dusty:,

Well, here I am again, still in the big city and with plenty of work to do. Things certainly look on the up & up, with V-Day just around the corner -- ready to crack in Europe any minute.

I bumped into Dicky Lester last week & I had lunch with him & his girl -- very nice too. It was grand seeing someone from home at last, at least I mean with definite familly [sic] connections.

I've bumped into a lot of chaps I knew at home-- Jackie Richardson came & spent a night with me -- I had a chat with Cec. Merritt, V.C., -- he doesn't look too bad after nearly 3 yrs a prisoner of war -- looks a bit thin -- that's all. And Dump Woods, Geoff. Tullidge, oh I'm afraid I could go on enumerating them till the cows come home -- & it sure is great, as I meet them all at B.C. House -- it's a grand little spot. I've met Med McFarlane, Harry Smith, Lesle Munn for some time & see them more or less daily. I think I've told you that I'm living in a flat now with Jackie Lassen & Herb Baseby. Our landlady, Alison, is lovely, & we all use the flat as if it was our own. I've had both Jackie Richardson & Alec Tulk here for week-ends. I hope to have Cousin Gladys over Whitsun w/e In face she just phoned & said was coming down -- Sent her love to you all.

Ah well, my dears, I think I'll ... to do the same thing & here's hoping the next time I write there'll be peace in Europe in any event.

Please give Janet & Susan a big kiss from Uncle Dick & tons of love to you both,

Your affectionate brother