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Date: March 12th 1945
Moo & Dusty

5 Cdn. Ast. Wks Coy.,
R.C.E., Cd. Army o/s.,


Dear Moo & Dusty:

I received your letter this morning, Moosie, & was glad to hear that you are all well, & that you, Dusty, are getting more time at home now. I sure know how you'll appreciate that.

Please note the above date; that sequence will not appear again for a whole century -- long after our time!

I was down to Portsmouth this past week-end & stayed with my in-laws; my wife & Carol are now back there, I believe, but I couldn't find out their address, so I didn't see Carol. However I hope to get it soon & see the little darling again. I am also trying to arrange for our Cousin Gladys in Peterborough to take Carol for me -- I sure hope it works! However there's so many snags to it that I can only hope it will come about. I also saw Cliffie, my old bachelor pal in Somerset & best man at my wedding: -- he is now down there with the Admiralty, and needless to say we had a great old get together & a great chat about old times in Somerset. I hope we'll be able to get together next month, as he wants me to spend a week-end at his home in Wales: -- Methyn Tidwell; the last time I was there was Easter ‘41, 5 long wean years -- full of joys & sorrows! I suppose they balance up in the long run Moo --don't they? You've been thru the mill with a vengeance, but you've come out O.K.

Well, I'm still in the big city, trying to get a spot of work done but where I'll be at the end of the month, God only knows!

Ah well, my dears, please give Janet & Susan a nice big kiss from their Uncle Dick, and do write soon & give me all the news --

Tons of love,

Your affectionate brother, Dick.

P.S. Phyl told me all about Sally's christening -- quite a party from all accounts --

All the best, Dick

Bertie & Eileen Griffin send their best regards to you, Moo -- they're both fine.