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Date: October 22nd 1945
Moo & Dusty

7 Cdn. Ast. Wks. Coy.,
R.C.E., Cdn. Army o/s.,

22 Oct. ‘46

Dear Moo & Dusty:

Well here I am, once again, to tell you that I'm sailing for home on the 9 -10 Nov. from Liverpool, so I should land in Vancouver about the end of ... & I will get my 30 day Demob. over Christmas & New Years, which should make it perfect.

I'll be sorry to leave old London, as I've become quite a ‘limey,' after 8 years over here, and I'm afraid I'll be a stranger in my own home town when I get back to old Vancouver.

I trust all you little people are well & happy, and that Janet & Susan are both full of beans; please give them a big kiss each from Uncle Dick.

I haven't made any plans for the future, as I don't know what things are like in the building & construction racket at home; I hope to start up on my own, if things look O.K.. -- or if things aren't so hot I'll come back here, for there's plenty of jobs going in my line of work over here at the present time. However this can be all decided when I get out there & see what things are like.

I still come into the office here in London and pretend to do a little work which is much better than hanging around the Repat
Depot & drinking the mess dry.

Mum tells me that Vern has just had a very painfull [sic] operation for piles. -- not so good for I believe its one of the most painfull [sic] operations there are.

Is there any chance of you & Dusty getting up to Vancouver for Xmas & having a real old family reunion?

Ah well, my dears, here's to seeing you soon, in any event --

Tons of love to you all,

Your affectionate brother