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Date: April 20th 1916

April 20th, 1916.

Here we are again and the 22nd is only two days off. It rather looks as if there might be something doing like last year. It is quite like old times to be scrapping again after the weary winter. We did'nt get to bed till three last night and did'nt have dinner until after eleven. I hope the two boys are alright. They are in the trenches where the attack was made and of course we have heard nothing of who was in it, Lawrence (Babs) and I were both going on leave last Friday, but it was cancelled. So Hope had a double disappointment. There has been no news of leave yet although "rumour hath it" that it starts again about the 28th. Lets hope its true.

I got two boxes from Michie this week and there are fine. The cake arrived O.K and many thanks. It is in fine shape and is much appreciated not only by myself but by the Col. the Adjutant, and the orderly officer.

Howard Burnham is just down the road a bit. He has a rather unhealthy corner as the shell it nearly every day. There is a good cellar here which helps some as brick walls detonate the shells and a cellar is pretty good. Yesterday I rode to the wagon lines and did a few more inoculations. It is quite a job here to get them finished up as one can only put a few men off duty at a time.

I have a box now for carrying my medicines. It is like the one we had in the 14th. It opens like a suit case and stands on end with the bottles in rows standing up. A few bandages and rolls of cotton wool make the whole thing snug for travelling.

Your meeting must have been a great success. Did I tell you that there is a waiting list for the Home now? A fellow needs a good rest over here occasionally. The nervous strain at times is enough to drive one mad. I sent Red Lovelace out for a rest.

I saw the old Major and Elliot the other day and they were chewing gum that had just arrived and Ell said you had sent them all kinds of things so your parcels arrived alright.

I think the best plan is to keep on working for the Battery. Socks are the best things to send. Mufflers etc., are not needed now.

Now that Uncle Ross and Austin Boddy have left, you will be getting short of even military happenings because the teas and other things all help to pass the time