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Date: February 11th 1916

Feb. 11th, 1916.

I told you I'd write again today and tell you more news. First of all I'm going to answer questions. Parcel No.13 arrived O.K. and all of them have so dont worry on that score. It's Jimmie not answering that is the trouble They come splendidly sewn in cheesecloth and we can always get the socks to happy recipients. I have millions now myself, as for mufflers, we really dont need them, it's quite mild most of the time.

There ought to be a Canadian mail tonight from the Field Ambulance. I've sent Boswell in to town to see.

I like the socks best with heels, The other feel awkward.

Boswell is a private. He is now in the C.A.M.C. as I had him transferred with me. He is very quiet and full of respect and I expect you will hear from him about the parcel. He just said "thank you sir" when I gave it to him. I will ask how the socks fit, he is in bed now.

The Burghers has'nt come yet, but ____ just wait. I got the Christmas cake, two puddings and a box of apples.

I have heard indirectly that the "Home in France is very much appreciated. I have'nt met anyone who has been there yet, but have heard them talking about others who have been there, and they think it is splendid.

That clipping is quite good, especially "The Cabby". That's a peach. How do you like "Fragments from France"? The best ones are "The Pump" "The Sentry" and "We are staying at a farm".