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Date: February 18th 1916

Feb. 18, 1916.

Well our stay here is just about over and we go back again to the trenches The men are certainly in better shape after the rest any everyone is more cheerful. The inoculations are almost finished now and very few were sick. I have a ride nearly every day and that has made me much fitter than I was. It's what I miss most in the trenches.

I suppose you have heard about the air raids? They certainly have their nerve to go over in daylight. Neub is somewhere hereabouts and asked for me at the Field Ambulance the other day but I was here. I expect to see him when we go up.

I asked about Russel Wilkins at the battery but he's not there. Send the socks and I'll give them to the men at the dressing station. I get the papers O.K. I cant carry any more books but a magazine occasionally is fine. I quite often see Howard Burnham.