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Date: February 21st 1915
Mrs. Ross
Frances E. Wilson

February 21st, 1915
Wedhampton Cottage, Devizes

Dear Mrs. Ross:

Please forgive me for not having answered your kind letter before. It is ten days since it reached me. But meanwhile I have spent a busy week in London, and had to put all correspondence aside. It is wonderful how quickly time is filled up! It was very nice of you to write and thank us for what was only ordinary duty. We were glad to be of any use to the kind men who were ready to give all to their country and Major McDougall and the 9th Battery will always find a warm welcome in Wedhampton. The Battery, both officers and men earned the respect of us all, and we sent them off as if they belonged to us, with all sorts of wishes for their welfare.

Your son was looking very well indeed, I think he was quite fit for whatever comes in his way, and you may be proud of him. We thought him a splendid officer, so calm and thoughtful, and I feel sure he has a great way with his men. We have a souvenir of him in the shape of an Airedale puppy. "Shell" is the mother, and is also here still, but we are sending her off to Scotland this week.

If you happen to see any of the other mothers, will you please tell them that their boys seemed quite well and cheerful when they left us. Mr. Ryerson sent me a p.c. from Avonmouth, otherwise we have heard nothing since they left. Mr. Greene had improved so much since he came here, and was looking quite well when he left. I sympathise fully with all you feel about your son; my boy is not 19 yet, and he will be going to fight in two or three months now. He is still at Chatham at the S.M.E. He had his commission (R.E.) on Nov. 17, last year.

We hear from everyone that the C. Contingent is not going straight to the front, but are going to train first in the South of France.

Again thank you for your letter, and please allow me to cheer you and say that we must keep up their spirits by being full of hope and courage ourselves. Yours with much sympathy.

Frances E. Wilson