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Date: January 22nd 1916

Jan. 22nd, 1916.

Do you know I never realized that it was so long between my letters in December. I think our holiday is to blame cause we just forgot everybody and when I got back I was moved soon.

I got three letters this week all fine. I wish we could have been back with you all for Xmas. and New Years. It must have been a strange time this year I hope poor Marion did'nt get any of those beautiful ailments. I have'nt had very many myself so I cant tell how they feel. Even here I have'nt had anything worse than tonsilitis in the Battalion.

The Major told me about the battery Xmas. The men were tickled to death with their parcels and the mitts are arriving now. It has been so mild that I did'nt think it worth while at first but there is some cold still to come and Aunt Hattie is only going to send 40 pairs on my recommendation for employed men.

I got a patent pipe yesterday but I dont know who it is from. The Michie boxes are great. We live like kings in the trenches. Parcels Nos. 10, 11 and 12 arrived O.K. The socks are fine. I have quite a stock now but can always give a pair away if they accumulate.

I wish your son had been at the Pump House on Poplar Plains. Those lucky chaps must have been glad to get a pudding like I got and to be able to eat it away from this silly farce of a war.

I am still with the 14th Battalion and like the job very much. The officers are very nice chaps and the life is fine except for the lack of riding. I do miss that part of it. We are in billets for several days and soon go in again. There is a rest coming soon and I expect the strenuous drills, etc., will keep me busy sorting out the sick from the "fakirs"

The mud is getting a bit drier now and occasionally at odd moments about once a fortnight the sun escapes for a while and we feel fine.

There has'nt been much activity lately in the trenches just the same old stunt of sleeping with your clothes on and not even a dicky bird bath.