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Date: June 10th 1915

June 10th, 1915.

I got back from the F.O.O. last night and had supper at the guns with Mac and the Major. We chatted a while and then I came home to my luxurious billet and after sort of snooping around to see that everything was O.K. I turned in to bed. There was some firing during the night and a peach of a storm which did not awaken me. I say a peach, because the men sleeping in the orchard almost had to swim. It put our horse lines "on the blink" and the poor men have been scraping and digging, hauling broken brick and sand all day to try and make things better. We took all the horses over to another clump of trees during these operations and have just moved them back again. I have now had supper of five scrambled eggs, bread, jam and tea and have finished censoring the mail and sent up the rations, and water to the battery. Since then I went to the horse lines and found the duty teams all harnessed and the piquet on duty, and all men reported present in billets at 8 P.M. On my way back I made a date with the local barber to do a job at 7 A.M. for me. He said six, but I told him it was too early. However, I let the contract for seven o'clock. Then I strolled back along the canal bank and met my worthy hostess. She explained her spring to me. It is a concrete well like pit just below ground level and a steady stream of beautifully clear water flows into it all the time. She then showed me the garden and I am to have petit pois and carrots for dinner tomorrow. She then showed me the calf, three days old, and I favored her with a bit of maple sugar. These people dont seem to appreciate it as much as we do.

Shells keep coming over every few minutes, but are well down the canal. so I should worry. I am sending you a little rose I picked down at the F.O.O about 800 yards from the german trenches I was down there yesterday, and the weather was hot as ----. Saw John K- today and Everett yesterday. Both are O.K. and as I was busy shooting the battery when Everett blew in, I only got in about two words with him.